12/15/2021: Mass Reconciliation Event (on how IDLES corrected their course with CRAWLER and made up for their misdoings on Ultra Mono)

10/28/2021: A Brief Glance to the Rearview (on the discovery of an artist through unknown sublimation)

10/25/2021: Why Must an Artist I Like Have the Worst Fanbase? (an examination of Lil Ugly Mane’s post-genre pivot Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Concern)

4/14/2020: Rest easy, John Prine, the best to ever do it (a celebration of John Prine’s life and work)

1/27/2020: King of the Hill: Derivative Rap (on the rappers who are reducing rap to only its most essential elements and which is making the best music while doing so)

12/10/2019: Good Job, Larry: 2019 was the Year of the Orange (on Larry June’s historic year in which he released five stellar albums)

12/4/2019: Fear and Loathing of Black Metal in the 2010s (on the black metal acts that eschewed the norm throughout the 2010s)

10/30/2019: Appearance is Everything for a Band like Ghost (on why Ghost’s costumes elevate the music beyond what would otherwise be nothing more than boring heavy metal)

10/16/2019: Mediocrity Doesn’t Raise Awareness in Tangerine Reef (on Animal Collective’s failed attempt at raising awareness for coral reef health through their collaboration with art-science duo Coral Morphologic)

8/14/2019: The Curious Case of Dr. Savage and Mr. Wes (on the surprising similarities in the deliveries of Parquet Courts’ A. Savage and rapper Sheck Wes)

7/25/2019: Young Thug and His Many, Many Clones: A Creation Story (on the massive influence Young Thug has had on the up-and-coming stars of the rap new school)

7/17/2019: Blood Orange Angel’s Pulse mixtape review (features significant commentary on the meaning of the word “mixtape”)